The Vision of the Village

by Cheryl Young - Founder, Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation

Imagine a landscape rising to your right and to the rear of the buildings. You are approaching the administration headquarters of the Foundation. You enter and on one wall is the Architect’s drawing of the Village; on the other wall is a special picture.

On the main floor are the administrative offices of the Foundation and Village. Upstairs are the rooms for temporary guests..

Past the office is the main dining room that will seat over 300 people, and will also be used for Awareness Seminars, Educational Programs, and Entertainment etc. The dining room is very elegant, airy and has lots of windows. Past the dining room at the far end are doors to the town square.

Through an exit to the right of the Headquarters and connected by an enclosed walkway, is the Wellness Center Building. It is an open concept building centered on a mall or market place. Around the sides of the mall are the Coffee Shop and Ice Cream Parlour, General Store selling Watkins Products, the Craft Store, Hair Salon and Spa. In this mall residents can hang out and enjoy a game of chess, do a jigsaw puzzle, or just enjoy a cup of java.

Off to one side the Wellness Center will also have the Complementary Alternate Therapies including our special tubs and saunas as well as our visiting specialists.

These two buildings will be the first built and they will be the areas that the public are invited to come and view. Next will be the first of many cottages that will either house three or four residents or two couples, in their own separate living quarters with bedroom, bathroom, a small sitting room and kitchenette.

These cottages will be built around a town square concept; the road around the town square will only be open to golf carts and emergency vehicles. The town will have park benches, a town clock and be landscaped to entice the residents to come out of their homes and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the town square and get to know each other on their way back to full health. The residents will be allowed to roam the town square 24 hours a day, since some of the residents will be nocturnal. Accessibility to the dining room will also be 24 hours a day for residents and workers.

As additional Cottages are needed, we will build them around the town square trying to keep at least an empty cottage ahead of needs at all times. A road will run around the back of the cottages with room for personal cars. The Village will be totally fenced and monitored. At the headquarters building will be lots of parking for visitors, volunteers, the public and staff.

One of the principles we will use when designing the village will be to make it as GREEN as possible. We are investigating a Living Water Septic system, Solar Energy, Heat Pumps, and Wind Turbine Technology, that we can use to meet our principles and anything else that will improve the lives of our residents and the people of Langley.

The Wellness Center will be used by all the public and not just the residents of the Village.

This will be an interesting Center. A place that I plan on using continuously for a long time!

We are interested in a piece of property for a Lodge, and are working towards acquiring a house and acreage. We are partnered with BC Housing who are providing the down payment for the property and providing us with the mortgage.

Our Vision of the Village is now changed because of Cheryl's accident in Malakwa BC during the Walk to Banff in June 2016. She had to change our Vision of the Village. We are now planning the F.W.S.F. Housing Project. The plan is to have Commercial on the main floor that is planning to include a "Step Back in Time" 50's Diner, Our Thrift Shoppe in the future, and much more. Three levels of housing for at least 30 members of our Foundation.