The Founder and Executive Director of The Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation, Cheryl Young, thanks everyone who supports the Foundation. In particular, she thanks the many volunteers whose help is invaluable. If YOU would like to become a volunteer, please complete our volunteer sign up form and a representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Some of these people are:

Thrift Shoppe, Office, and Event Volunteers

  • Angie C.
  • Autumn P.
  • Bertha R.
  • Bonny K.
  • Brenda M.
    Cheryl Y.
  • Debbie P.
    Dianne B.
  • Heather J.
  • Inger C.
  • Liana G. - Assistant Manager
  • Neil A.
    Peter P.
  • Sally K.
  • Carol K.
  • Fiona F.
  • Diana D.
    Gail N.
    Kirsten P. - Assistant Manager
    Toresa M.
    Marylou T.
    Barefoot Communications - Creative Guy.
  • Justin F.
    Shirley L.
    Lyle O.
    Sandy N.
    Ingrid P.
    Loretta R.
    Judy F.
    Krystie B.
    Aqlim B.
    Inger C.
    Diane O
    Shawn C.
    Kristine B.
  • Aldergrove High School Students.


A big THANK YOU to the following Individuals, Businesses and Corporations that have contributed generous donations to help on various projects:

  • Patricia Lessard - Leading Edge
  • Otter Co-Op
  • Costco
  • Rebecca Darnell
  • Save on Foods Aldergrove
  • Stylus Graphics
  • Wes Jamison
  • Cintas Uniform Services.


  • Brian H.

Business Manager & Procurement

  • Nigel Thom

Manager of Tax Reciepts

  • Wayne Dick

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Y. Chairman of the Board.
    Dianne B. Vice- Chair
    Liana G. Secretary
    Kirsten P. Treasurer
    Marylou T.
    Diana D.


  • Phil Hayes Macdonald Realty Ltd


"Well Spring" Name

  • Shirley Page